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An Ultimate tool manage all your HR tasks.
  • Centralized Employee Data.
  • Manage Payroll with Ease.
  • Performance Analysis.
  • Automate Task & Workflow.
  • Allowances Management.
  • Real-time Analytics and Insights

Customised HR Solutions for Business of every Scale.

Banyan HRM is designed in such a way that it works seamlessly for all types of businesses. So you won’t really have to worry about compatiblity of our solution when your business grows in large scale.


Simple and Engaging Interface.

Banyan HRM is built on a simple and Engaing interface which contributes a lot managing and completing the tasks more effieciently. All required module will be away in just a click or two which makes things easy for your employees.

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Manage Data Efficiently

With Banyan HRM you can define your company hierarchy and manage your employee data accordingly. Our system will help you manage all your employee data in a single location without much hassle.

Attendance Tracker

Get to know how many hours an employee worked, their performance and other insights which can be used to get maximum result from an employee.

Manage Resources on the Go

Our customised HRM mobile application will allow your HR professional manage the resources more efficiently even if they are travelling.

Rejuvenate your Workforce with Banyan HRM

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