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This application for Purchase Organic products

Short Description

Our client faced some genuine challenges while trying to meet his Android mobile app development requirements. Our challenge was to ensure that we provide a reliable and robust solution and that too in promised time. Some of the key challenges

  • Design: client needs an application with fully materialized design and also application should support lower version of android mobiles.
  • Product Wish list: At first wish list and cart items are maintained by local database it can’t able to get their wish list from other device.
  • Primary Access: They need without user login user can browse the app and can’t able to place any order.
  • Turnaround: We wanted to develop the mobile app with all required features before the promised deadline. to place any order.
  • Keep up the quality standards: As it was a critical app for the school, we had to ensure that its quality was top notch.
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About Project

Project requirement

The Client is running an organic store and they planned to develop an android application for sell their products through application. And the requirement is

  • E-Commerce Application with user registration and login.
  • Common registration for both Android Application and Website.
  • User can able to browse the products available in our shops
  • But without login user cant able to buy a product and add to wish list.
  • If the user like any of products in our shop (Application) they can add that to wish list.
  • User can able to add products from wish list to cart.
  • Once the user logout from application and login some time later their wish list and cart items are not deleted unless they delete items particularly.
  • Once the user move cart items for order, products from cart are deleted


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App Features

  • User can order organic products with attractive offers through online.

  • User can add products to wish list if they like any products.

  • Wish list items and cart items are maintained by the server so wherever the place whatever the device once user login their id they can get their wish list items and cart items.

  • User can check the product Delivery Availability for each product.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

  • Flexible to user.

Our Solution


We designed app through material design with android version from 16 (Jelly bean) to 24 (Nougat)

Push notifications

once a vendor posted a new offers from a web admin it will notify users mobile as new Offer.

Product Wish list

To enable a product wish list global access we moved from local database to Server with json.

Payment methods

we enabled PayuMoney payment gate way along with COD (Cash on Delivery).

Client is very happy with our output, the application perfectly matches his requirement

Client Response