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Short Description

Maintaining the complete employee list and payroll management is really a tedious process. Handling all company policies and compensation plan is a huge process. It has to be very confidential. Banyan’s HRM too will help Human Resource team to manage this all and make their work easy.

    Our tool includes,

  • Maintaining employee details
  • Everyday Attendance maintenance
  • Payroll management
  • Document workflow management and sharing
  • Leave management system

App Features

Leave Management:

Banyan make you leave management as simple as that. It helps to manage all types of leaves across your organization like casual leave, sick leave and etc.

  • Customize your leave types
  • Apply leave through online leave application form.
  • Helps to review of all employee leave information
  • To retrieve accurate leave reports
  • Import /export leave data

Attendance Management:

Monitor your employee leave, attendance and holidays from anywhere.

  • Enable web and mobile check-in and check-out
  • Tracking employee’s location for mobile check-in and check-out
  • To manage multiple shifts, user IDs and perform shift mapping

Employee Self- Service:

Each employee can maintain and update their records and details.

  • Able to access and update one's own record,Can view their attendance reports, leave reports and leave balances.
  • They can add jobs and logging time in timesheets
  • If they apply for leave or permission, they can check the approval from manager here.
  • Tracking employee’s location for mobile check-in and check-out
  • To manage multiple shifts, user IDs and perform shift mapping

Time Tracker:

Helps to track your employee’s work and monitor the team efficiency which helps to improve the productivity of the team.

  • To schedule jobs and work items to the specific employee
  • To record job entries on a weekly and monthly basis
  • To log both working and break hours

Performance Maintenance:

The place where the manager can monitor the entire team and individual performance. Also, he can give his feedback immediately to the employee.

  • It also helps to set goal and tracking it.
  • An employee can do self-appraisal, which helps him to know his own knowledge level.
  • The manager can send and maintain the performance reports


  • Leave Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Time Tracker

  • Performance Maintenance

  • Employee Self- Service


  • In this field, you will get your new enquiry from you customer based on their requirements.
  • Also, you can manage your pending enquiry, which was not responded your customer or which was kept under hold.
  • If you can go through the status of enquiry which is under process, you can check under the process enquiry. It has the complete details of enquiry that under process.
  • Also, the lead can check the enquiry which are completed successfully by the executive.
  • If you receive any back feedback or wrong enquiry, it will be saved under the Negative enquiry.
  • Additionally, we have created option to retrieve list of enquiry which were received in last 24 hours and 48 hours.

Additionally, we have created app as well website, which helps the employee or manager to access the reports from anywhere. To experience our tool, ring us

    +91 81440 99096