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to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them.

Short Description

Our talent team has created a well-organized CRM tool which is having a handful of uses to communicate your client or customer, to allot the project to a particular employee, to manage the report of the product and work and more. Our CRM tool will create a complete business platform for your team to manage and enhance your brand’s profit.

    Why you have to choose our tool,

  • Save your time
  • Portable
  • Easy to manage

About Project


The Client is running an organic store and they planned to develop an android application for sell their products through application. And the requirement is

  • Dashboard is the place where you can maintain all shortcuts and chart reports of product and sale.
  • Common registration for both Android Application and Website.
  • Every time, you need not to search you reports. You can save and maintain that all in dashboard.


  • Under this option, your products details will be saved which is useful for customer to gain the knowledge on product details for enquiry.
  • List of product is the field, where you can save your product’s list for company database.

Sales Executive:

In this field, you can add your new sales representative. Also you can maintain the complete list of sales executive. This is very helpful for lead to manage and allot the project based on the availability of executives.


  • In campaign field, the company can post their new campaign which has to reach all their customer.
  • Also, there is field called Campaign list, in this the company can maintain and review the response for their campaign.


  • Major field where you can manage and retrieve all the reports about product, work, employee, users who are active and inactive also the discount reports.


  • Target field, will help the lead to allot the project or target to the particular employee.
  • Also, it helps to view the target achieved by them.

Task assigned:

Through this, the team lead can allot the task to the specific employee based on the availability. With this, they can check the status of task.


  • Appointment can be fixed with your client through our special tab called “Appointment”.
  • We have various field under appointment which are Today appointment, upcoming appointment and previous appointment.


  • In this field, you will get your new enquiry from you customer based on their requirements.
  • Also, you can manage your pending enquiry, which was not responded your customer or which was kept under hold.
  • If you can go through the status of enquiry which is under process, you can check under the process enquiry. It has the complete details of enquiry that under process.
  • Also, the lead can check the enquiry which are completed successfully by the executive.
  • If you receive any back feedback or wrong enquiry, it will be saved under the Negative enquiry.
  • Additionally, we have created option to retrieve list of enquiry which were received in last 24 hours and 48 hours.

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